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Interview 1 : Vegetarian Chef Ken


Meet Ken, the owner and vegetarian chef of Bookworm Cafe in Lamma Island, 30 min away from Central by ferry.

Bookworm Cafe is one of the few vegetarian cafe in Hong Kong which promotes healthy food and lifestyle.

photo credit Lamma Brand @ Mush

When Ken started living in the island pursuing his dream lifestyle some 2 decades ago, healthy food concept such as organic, non-GMO, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free were still very new to the locals. He learnt about these concepts in Europe when he was traveling and wanted to bring this kind of healthy and relaxing eating lifestyle to Hong Kong. Things happened quickly and he opened this vegetarian cafe in Lamma Island.

Thanks to the relatively lower rent in the outlying islands, he managed to survive and live his healthy lifestyle until now.

The cafe still keeps the very original floor tiles of the Lamma village house.

These kind of patterns are widely seen in Hong Kong villages, usually over half a century old.

Interior Decorations of the cafe reflects the lifestyle of the owner Ken, it is organically spread out with lots of books, wine, guitar, greens, skateboard, chalkboard and artpieces etc...

Ken is a Lamma renowned vegetarian chef and if you don't spot him in Bookworm Cafe , he probably has gone surfing or yacht sailing.

The funny thing is, we talked so much about life I forgot to eat, so I'm gonna go back and take photos of food next time !! (You will see his dishes in his facebook for now.)

Ken is also excited with our launch of pay-a-vegan next Spring 2020 !!

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