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Edamame Soybeans & Plastic


Found Edamame in Wegmans grocery store in New Jersey, USA.

Plant-based diet is growing rapidly in Canada & USA and it is not surprising for it to becoming a mainstream very soon in the West.

Edamame is a Japanese word 枝豆, a kind of soybean which can be found everywhere in Japanese wet markets. The way Wegmans re-packaged it as some very healthy vegan food with labels "22g protein", "0g cholesterol" and "Gluten Free" do look a bit "overdone" to a Japanese. It's like putting labels on a broccoli and call it Vegan and GF.

To label and brand the products, many vegetables are over-packaged with plastic and wraps.

Given so many kitchenware to cut and shred vegetables quickly and neatly, is there a reason why these vegetables are pre-cut and packaged in plastic ? Or is it merely for branding purpose just to stand out from shelves ?

I believe it takes everyone of our effort to say "NO" to over-packaging and plastic, vegan or not !

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