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Our Mission -

Connect with Food


Humanity has long lost their connection with food.

We quickly put food in our mouth without noticing what we are putting in.

Our attention has always been focusing on pleasing our five senses :  food that looks good,  smells good and tastes good.    

Global disasters one after one troubled us for quite a long time,   we know that if the high consumption group continues this kind of unconscious eating we may just destroy ourselves in a generation or so. 


We decided to create a startup in October 2019 for the purpose of increasing global awareness of mindful consumption of food.    February 2020,  however,  coronavirus hit the world quick & fierce we all ran into a global panic !   The unexpected pandemic has disrupted our startup plans & schedules,  but we are ever more confident that our mission of re-connecting everyone with our food by consuming and eating mindfully is an urgent need.

By eating mindfully,  we become a responsible consumer.   


We are consuming our Mother Nature,  we are not consuming the manufacturer.

We are eating our Mother Nature,  we are not eating a product.

We notice every meat we eat,  was once a living being.

We notice every vegetable we eat,   has once been through sun & rain.

We encourage everyone to Go Vegan,   that's why,   the idea of rewarding an eater who eats a vegan dish came up one day,   and the name "Pay-a-Vegan"  just came along naturally.

Pay-a-Vegan is a resource and social network platform promoting for plant-based and mindful eating.

We would want to make your transition from meat-based to plant-based a lot smoother.

Together let's re-connect with our Food !

Eiko & Andrew


We participated in Founder Institute accelerator program in Hong Kong to help our dream comes sooner !!

Pay-a-Vegan : Launched at the Founder Institute.

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