Everytime you eat


vegan dish !


earn US$ 1 


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Have you ever want to be a vegan or vegetarian, 

but lack motivation ?   


We are here to give you that extra little push ! 

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| Get 1 Dollar |

compatible with Octopus, Payme, Paypal

Spinach & Sauted Veg Quich

We currently take receipts from Hong Kong :

1. Vegan restaurants - see for reference

2. Dishes with a V or related symbol on a menu from any restaurants

3. Vegan,  plant-based meals

4. Receipts total up to $50 or more

5. Receipts should be uploaded on the same day of consumption

6. One receipt per day per registered user

What we DO NOT take :

1. Dishes contain Animal Meat (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, seafood)

2. Dishes without a V or related symbol in the menu of the restaurant

3. Pastries, bread,  cake,  Snack, 

3. Coffee,  Tea,  Juice,  Milk,  Alcohol

4. Receipts total up less than $50

5. Receipts uploaded after the day of consumption

6. Receipts taken with poor quality

7. Receipts in language other than English or Traditional Chinese

8. Same Receipts uploaded repeatedly

9. Hand written receipts

10. Receipts outside of Hong Kong

We encourage you to order a vegan dish

Upload your vegan receipt to our App

The receipt should be taken clean,  clear,  flat on table

We'll give you US$1 as encouragement

Ask yourself 

Do I really have to eat meat now ?


Wong Chuk Hang

Hong Kong


Mon - Fri: 6am - 7pm


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